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Shalom Health & Metaphysics Store

"When You Eat Right, You Think Right, When You Think Right, You Do Right!"

About Us

We’re Shalom Health & Metaphysics Store, and we’ve been a metaphysical supply store here in Jacksonville since 2018. We carry a variety of crystals, herbs, incense, sage, essential oils, vitamins, and much more. We’d like to personally invite you to stop by and shop around!

Areas Served

Neptune Beach, FL | St. Augustine, FL | Duval County, FL | St. Johns County, FL | Arlington, FL | Ponte Vedra, FL | Gainesville, FL | St. Mary's, GA

What We Offer

Our Services include:

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On 6/10/2024 Anthony B had this to say:
Doc Ras Shalom just wanted to follow up and say thank you again. This formula has been amazing for my son (13yo) since we received it. He has always had bad allergies as long as I can remember. Making sounds like a frog to itch his throat. Since he started taking this it is gone. He asks me everyday for his capsule and says it works. He no longer takes any Claritin or Zyrtec which didn’t really work anyway. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!! I can’t say it enough. Gonna grab another soon so I have before he runs out. Testimonial written by Anthony B on this site.

On 5/20/2024 Annette Cox had this to say:
I can't BEGIN to explain how IMPRESSED I am by this young man's KNOWLEDGE Of the BODY And how it HEALS itself if you give it what it needs. In a day where you CAN'T just TRUST anyone with your HEALTH You can TRUST this young man. The PASSION that he has for what he does and the COMPASSION that he has for OTHERS is INCREDIBLE. I'm SO GLAD I had the OPPORTUNITY to share in his energy. Once you meet him, your life will NEVER EVER be the SAME. He's very soft-spoken, but what he says will shake the very ground you're standing on.he is truly an EARTH ANGEL. And a true GIFT to ANYONE that cross is path. THANK YOU DOC so very much for ALLLLLLLLL you do for US. You are LOVED and TRULY NEEDED and APPRECIATED.

On 5/19/2024 Yemejain Walk had this to say:
Peace & Blessings, I experience an overwhelming Itching experience all over my body ,from a wrap I ate which had dairy products in it , which is not a part of my diet, Went to go see Doc and he explain each product and what it would focus on with getting me restored ,I felt instant relieve and as the flair up continue ,I just repeat the process💫⚡️✨

On 5/18/2024 Tia H had this to say:
Hello everyone I completed my total detox on the 13th I can honestly say I lost 20 pounds the energy I have is amazing not only did the total detox help my physical it also help my mental highly recommend it's worth every penny Testimonial written by Tia H on this site.

On 4/20/2024 Talisha McClam had this to say:
I love his products they are pure and have helped me significantly with my health issues. I purchase my products online.

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Shalom Health & Metaphysics Store
1326 Cesery Blvd Jacksonville, FL 32211
Phone: (800) 909-6418
Mobile: (904) 515-2110

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Monday: 11:00 AM - 5:00 PM
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Wednesday: 11:00 AM - 4:00 PM Appointment Only from 11AM-4PM
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